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About ECAP

The Effective Climate Action Project is a youth-led environmental organization located in Portland, Oregon, with a mission to promote effective and systemic solutions to climate change. We elevate environment-related opportunities, organizations, and information as well as advocate for current environmental legislation and policy in Oregon. A fundamental part of our work is facilitating climate simulation workshops, designed by MIT and Climate Interactive, to inspire others to advocate for ambitious environmental action. Join us in taking action by checking the “Take Action” resources in our Instagram profile, (with a new actionable step posted every Tuesday!) or share our workshops with a group. If you would like to contact us, please fill out this form.

ECAP’s Beginnings

The Effective Climate Action Project was founded in the summer of 2020, amidst a global pandemic and rampant wildfires. The need for effective action on climate change could have never been more clear. So many movements focus on individual-based solutions, such as taking shorter showers and recycling. While incredibly important, we realized there is a great need for systemic solutions- solutions that are changing the rules, and driving us towards a positive climate future. To advocate for these solutions, we must first empower others to see what is possible.

Why Youth?

❝ Youth have the strongest voice in this fight. We are the ones with passion, the ones with the ability to view the world with hope- not as a game to be played. We have unique perspectives and a sense of creativity. Most importantly, we are the ones who will live with the consequences of the decisions made by those currently in power. ❞

-Founder, Luna Abadia

Get to Know our Leadership Team

Luna Abadía

Founder, Executive Director, and Climate Simulation Leader

Luna founded ECAP because she wants to protect the beautiful Pacific Northwest where she grew up, and fight for those around the world being affected by climate change. She believes that there is not enough focus on the solutions to climate change, and she wants to change this. By harnessing youth passion and leadership, she believes that we can create positive environmental change.

Claire Yoo

Climate Simulation Leader

Claire joined ECAP because climate change is a very timely and relevant problem, and becoming a part of ECAP was a perfect opportunity for her to do her part to inform others about how people and global governments can prevent climate change. Claire believes climate simulations are an approachable and easy-to-understand way of doing so.

Cate Bikales

Director of Activism and Engagement

Cate joined ECAP because she is passionate about protecting and saving our planet, and she wants to educate others on why they should care too.