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EN-ROADS Climate Workshop

The EN-ROADS Climate Workshop is an empowering and engaging opportunity for people to test their own ideas of how to tackle climate change. This workshop utlilizes the EN-ROADS computer simulator, designed by Climate Interactive and MIT, to intuitively display participants’ proposals and their impact on many variables of the climate system. These include global temperature increase, greenhouse gas emissions, energy sources and demand, natural and anthropogenic carbon removals, and more. The simulator is grounded in the best available science, and has been calibrated against a wide range of existing integrated assessment, climate and energy models. While covering many different scientific concepts, the workshop can be adapted for anyone. Participants learn the importance of an ambitious and multi-faceted action plan to tackle climate change, the impact of different solutions such as carbon prices, afforestation, and renewables, as well as key dynamics and equity considerations of the climate system.

The EN-ROADS Climate Workshop has engaged over 47,000 people from around the world. The game does not require previous knowledge on climate science. For a similar interactive experience that takes a broader and nations-focused approach, check out the World Climate Simulation.


How does it work?
Participants are given an overview of the EN-ROADS model, then asked to begin proposing ideas on solutions to climate change. These ideas are tested on the model, and their impacts and effects are analyzed. Together, the group creates a cummulative plan including all their proposed policies , and watch as expected temperature increase by the year 2100 decreases. The workshop follows the Paris Climate Agreements with the overall goal of limiting global temperature increase by the year 2100 to below 2 degrees Celsius. However, participants are guided to create the most ambitious and effective policy “scenario” possible.

Who can participate?
Anyone from middle school students to climate change professionals! However, it works well with those who have general knowlege on climate change, or as a sequel to the World Climate Simulation workshop.

How many people are needed?
The workshop can be done with groups up to 30 people, or as a one-on-one experience.

How long does it take?
Anywhere from 15-90 minutes, but can be adapted to fit any schedule.

What kind of preparation is needed?
Come with curiosity to propose and learn about different solutions!

Currently our climate simulations are hosted online, with a Zoom link and optional Zoom backgrounds provided for the group. In the future we hope to run in-person events in the Portland, Oregon area. 

Is there a cost?
Nope! Our facilitators do this as part of ECAP’s organizational mission, so the event is completely free. 

To explore the EN-ROADS Simulator yourself, click here.