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Our facilitators can run these free, online workshops in English, Spanish, Japanese, or Korean. Read more about each of our offerings and sign up below!

World Climate Simulation Game

Play the role of a United Nations delegate negotiating emissions targets for your country. Can you achieve ambitious action and limit global temperature to 2 degrees Celsius?

EN-ROADS Climate Workshop

Have an idea to stop climate change? Curious to see how a carbon price or afforestation could affect the climate? This activity lets you test out any solution to climate change on the EN-ROADS computer model, and see how it would impact the world.

Climate Action Simulation Game

The United Nations has convened global stakeholders to establish a concrete plan that limits warming to Paris Agreement goals. In this role-playing game, dive into the perspectives of Clean Tech companies, Industry & Commerce, World Governments and more to explore climate change solutions and see what it would really take to address this global challenge.