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World Climate Simulation

The World Climate Simulation is a Model UN-style activity that was created by Climate Interactive and the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative. This is a fun and engaging opportunity for people to step into the role of a climate negotiator and see what it takes to stop climate change. Participants gain knowledge on the urgency of ambitious global emission reductions, the differences between carbon-based vs tree-based solutions, and the importance of public and youth movements in instigating change.

The World Climate Simulation has been played by over 70,000 people around the world, from middle school students to climate change professionals. The game does not require previous knowledge on climate science. For a similar interactive experience that goes more in-depth in climate science and policies, check out the EN-ROADS Climate Action Simulation.


How does it work?
This is a collaborative game where participants act as delegates representing different nations. Negotiations take place between and within groups to decide on emissions targets for each delegation, with the overall goal of limiting global temperature increase by the year 2100 to below 2 degrees Celsius. An interactive computer model called C-ROADS, that was designed by Climate Interactive, utilizes the latest climate science to simulate the chosen measures and to display the results of the global temperature increase of the future, offering the opportunity for participants to learn how their ideas would affect the climate and giving room for improvement during a second round of negotiations. 

Who can participate?
Anyone from middle school students to climate change professionals!

How many people are needed?
From 6-40 people.

How long does it take?
1.5 to 2 hours

What kind of preparation is needed?
Participants only need to read a 10 minute, two page pre-read.

Currently our climate simulations are hosted online, with a Zoom link and optional Zoom backgrounds provided for the group. In the future we hope to run in-person events in the Portland, Oregon area. 

Is there a cost?
Nope! Our facilitators do this as part of ECAP’s organizational mission, so the event is completely free. 

To view a recap video from a past event run for high school students, click here.